Wagner's Carnival offers many games of luck and skill.  Test your luck at picking a duck or popping the right balloon.  Try your skill at shooting a gun or making a basketball.  Who doesn't like to win?  At Wagner's Carnival we love for our customers to win prizes.  That is why most of our games guarantee a prize every time.

List of Games

Balloon Pop - Throw darts to pop balloons to determine prize, kids a win prize every time.

Alien Shootout - Shoot a corkgun to knock down aliens to win prizes, kids a win prize every time.

Aaron's Fishin' Hole - Grab your net and go fishing, bigger the fish bigger the prize, kids a win prize every time.

Lucky Ducky - Pluck a duck from the pond and win, kids a win prize every time.

Ballapalooza - Toss ping pong balls into moving bowls to determine prizes.

Gold Fishing - Toss a ball to land in colored holes, kids win a prize every time.

Basketball - Shooting baskets is not only fun but can win you a prize, just make 1 to win.

Blockbuster - Show off your accuracy and knock all 3 blocks off the table to win.

Shooting Star Machine Gun - Show off your shooting skills to shoot out the star.

Pirates Ladder Climb - Walk the ladder plank to the top and win.

Bungee Jump - Jump up and down on trampoline while attached to bungees.

Balloon Pop
Alien Shootout
Aaron's Fishin' Hole
Lucky Ducky
Shooting Star Machine Gun
Pirates Ladder Climb
Game Midway
Game Midway