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Safety Regulations

Safety is our number one priority, as it should be for any carnival.  Wagner's Carnival employees are trained to operate the rides they run by the owner or head supervisor.  The operators are also retested throughout the year.  Employees are drug tested at random throughout the year.  Every Wagner's Carnival employee is given a breathalyzer test twice a day, once before opening and at closing. 


Our rides are inspected vigorously every day by their operators, and are inspected based on the manufacturer's specifications.  We retain all ride inspections from everyday throughout the year.  If there is a problem with the ride it is fixed then and there, if at all possible.  If we feel a ride is unsafe for any reason, we will shut the ride down and perform a complete diagnostic inspection.  We have a very adequate workshop on hand every week. This shop contains every thing needed to repair any ride.  


Located at the entrance of each ride there is a sign that allows parents to measure their child's height to make sure the child is tall enough to ride a particular ride.  Also, at the front of each ride is another banner that explains the safety regulations for the ride and the height requirement for that ride.  No matter what you are doing at Wagner's Carnival you can feel SAFE doing it.

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